UMichigan's Study Abroad

<p>I will be submitting my application to the University of Michigan in the next several days and am completing the "why UMichigan?" part of the supplement. The classes, the people, the professors are all impeccable, but I'm having trouble getting enthusiastic about the university's study abroad programs. From what I can see, the school does not make it easy. As a prospective political science major, I really like the look of Michigan in Washington, but that's a highly competitive, U.S.-based internship program.</p>

<p>Could anyone share their own experiences studying as a UMichigan student outside the United States, and how they went about finding a program and securing credit transfers? Thanks so much for your time.</p>

<p>Yeah umich study abroad isn't exactly the most comprehensive. I understand a large portion of it is exported to programs run by other universities (there were several stands up at the beginning of the year for BU and UC Berkley). </p>

<p>Why don't you write about something besides study abroad if you're not too enthusiastic about it? It would probably be stronger to write about something your passionate about. Maybe the sports, clubs, city, climate (some people like cold). Maybe pick something unique that not many people will right about. </p>

<p>Good luck!</p>