UMinnesota Twin Cities vs RIT for CS

Hey guys,
I’m a bit new to this forum so let me know if I’m doing anything wrong.
I just wanted to get an outside opinion on a tough decision I’m making about where to pursue a BS in Computer Science. For some background, I’m out of state for both schools but UMN would be about $10k cheaper/year (40 vs 50k) after scholarships and living costs, although both I should be able to afford. I was also accepted into the accelerated combined bs/ms program at RIT, which would give me a year off and an automatic 40% graduate scholarship, but it was for computing security and I am on a waitlist to switch my major and possibly the BS/MS to CS. I like the campus at UMN a lot better and feel like my personal life could be better there, although I’m sure RIT would be fine as well. I loved that the COOP program was directly integrated at RIT and the smaller classes would be nice, but I’ve heard UMN’s career services aren’t bad and they do have a COOP program, just not one integrated as closely with classes. One more thing to consider is that I’m closest to RIT and two of my closest friends are going there while none are going to UMN. I’ve visited both schools. What it boils down to is:

RIT Pros:
Like their coop program
Have close friends attending
Not a bad school for CS
Accelerated BS/MS (as long as I’m accepted off of the waitlist from my switch)
Smaller class sizes

UMN Pros:
Slightly stronger CS program (from my own research)
Much better campus/better dining
More activities to choose from
More focus on AI with their CS program, something I’m interested in
Family directly in the area
Better job market in the immediate area

Thanks for any help!

To me it seems like a no-brainer. Professionally and financially, UMN is better, and much better for you specifically. As for friends, people tend to make new friends when they go off to college anyway, so attending a college because you have friends there from high school is not a very strong reason. Moreover, with more activities, UMN will be an easier place to find friends and social groups.

Also Twin Cities >> Rochester.


This was my main line of thinking too. I’m probably going to end up going the UMN route, it’s just a tough choice personally. I was always pretty sure it was the better option. Glad to see I’m not alone in this thinking. Thanks

Based on what you wrote you should go to UMN. The amount of job opportunity In MN is great.

Most colleges in CS/Eng have co op access. Companies want them but they are not required vs a more co op oriented school.

As for grad tuition discounts, this is a marketing scheme to grab even more of your $. U may go to grad school but maybe you’ll go for something else.

Unless you hate being in the heart of the action it sounds like UMN is your place.

Had u said Florida Tech instead of RIT we could have said one is warm and one isn’t. But you didn’t :slight_smile:

Honestly though both these schools can bring you success. One will bring a more complete life.

Good luck.

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