UMKC 6 year med program chances?

<p>I'm thinking about applying to UMKC's 6 year med program from out of state. Do I have a real chance of getting in?
I have the following:
ACT Score: 29
English: 29
Math: 35
Reading: 25
Science: 27
(i do plan on taking the ACT again)
I'm applying from a residential high school that is known for teaching classes at a college level.
My school doesn't have ratings
GPA: 3.87
I have volunteered at hospitals and clinics during the summer
I have shadowed many doctors
I'm pretty active at my school-I'm president of junior classical league, secretary of key club, etc
I'm a part of many different clubs at my school as well (FBLA, Animal Welfare, Medical Explorers, Helping Hands, Beta etc.)
I am also a part of the Future Scientist Program and Classical Scholars Program
I am an ambassador for my school and a peer mentor (tutor)</p>

<p>act is too low, and gpa is low. these programs are more stats driven. your chances are slim to none.</p>

<p>Well, the average ACT score for the people that got accepted into this program from out of state is a 30, so I didn't think my score was too bad. Many people that got accepted had a 29 as well. However, I will take the ACT again and try to get at least a 30. As for my GPA, I forgot to mention that it was unweighted. I know my GPA isn't extremely high, but it's also not low. As I said, my high school is recognized for it's rigorous curriculum. I had a 4.0 until I came to this school because the classes are 10x harder. I don't want to sound conceded, but if my school had ratings, I would be pretty high up there. Very few people have a GPA as high as mine.</p>