UMKC B.A Program admission

Hey, can someone tell me how good my performance is so far in high school if I am looking to go to UMKC’s B.A/M.D 6 year program? So, it may be a little too early for me to stress over this but I just completed my Freshman year. Anyways, I’m an in state resident of Missouri and I passed Freshman year with a 3.8 first semester and a 4.1 second semester. I got two B’s during my first semester in Honors Bio and Honors English. I don’t really take the Honors English grade into much consideration but for Honors Bio, I do. How much would this grade of a B in Bio affect me? Would it affect me a lot since UMKC’s 6 year is a selective medical school? Although I got that B in Bio and English, my second semester went well. I achieved an A in all my classes including Honors Physics,Chemistry,English and also regular Geometry and History. My Freshman year GPA was an average of 3.9ish. Can someone tell me how my performance is so far if I want to pursue the path of being admitted into the UMKC’s 6 year B.A/M.D program?

What’s a good UW and W GPA for a UMKC 6 year program student applying as an in state student?