Umm...My Math?


<p>So, obviously, we got our SAT scores today (from June). I took 2 Subject Tests, and...
Chem: 760 (last time I took it I got a 680)
Math II: 670 ( bad is this? And should I retake in October?)
My actual SAT score (Jan. '10): 2140 (CR:620, M:770, W: 750...I retook it to raise my CR score, but that score stayed the same, and math went drastically down)</p>

<p>Also, do most top Universities require 3 or 2 Subject Tests? If 3, them I'll take French in October. </p>


<p>Anyone? Guidance would be appreciated..</p>

<p>Your chem score is the bee's knees. Your math II, yeah you should probably take that again to appease the ivys, a 750+ would be your goal. As for how many subject tests, I'm fairly certain that other than georgetown, almost if not all other ivys only require two. But at the same time, it doesn't hurt to have a 3rd SAT II. Just my thoughts</p>

<p>OmNomNomRice is correct; onlye Georgetown requires 3 subject tests
but if you can get 750+in the 3rd test, I wouldn't stop you to take another one
670 in MATH IIC tells that you got apporximately 18~22 wrong+missed\in order to get
750+, it is safe to reduce the number down to 10</p>

<p>670 in Math II is honestly not a competitive score, especially because of the generous curve. (I think that score would place you around 60th percentile? I'm not positive.) You should definitely re-take after adequate preparation (aim for at least 750+), and I think your chances at a top university would improve (maybe only slightly, but greater chance nonetheless).</p>