Ummm... Help? Opinions?

<p>First, I'm sorry for the lame title, I couldn't think of anything. Anyway...</p>

<p>Is it a very bad idea to write in the departamant section about a different departament than indicated in the Part 1 of my application? </p>

<p>I just realized a different departament (like in, <em>completely</em> different, not like another branch of engineering or something) appeals to me MORE <em>facepalm</em> Even the rest of my application seems to confirm that (scores, what I do for pleasure, what I spend most time on). Well, yeah, I'm a moron. But, any opinions, maybe?</p>

<p>Or should I stick to the one I chose in the Part 1?</p>

<p>Opinions appreciated...</p>

<p>You should stick with the one in part 1.</p>

<p>Write about the one that is meaningful to you (not the one in part 1). High schoolers (and college students!) change their mind about majors quite a bit. I don't think it's really a big deal. I would just mention in the additional information section or something that you decided that ____ is a better major for you since you submitted part 1.</p>

<p>It definitely doesn't make sense to write about what you're not interested in, and the essay will probably be better if it actually reflects your interests.</p>

<p>Definitely write about the department you're actually interested in. My guess is you can write much more expressively about it and let your natural excitement show, and that will be worth far more than it matching a line in the Part 1.</p>

<p>Thank you wellthatsokay and PiperXP :) I'm going to write about my "new" department; I just needed reassurance I gues =)</p>

<p>USApplicant, although I'm not going to use it, thank you for your advice as well =)</p>

<p>I did the same thing! I submitted part 1 a while ago and didn't remember the planned major question, so when I answered the short answer question I answered honestly. When I looked over my app as a pdf I saw that there was a difference b/n the two. I just submitted me app as it was and didn't change my answer so that they both matched.</p>

Nice to know I won't be the only one ;)</p>