ummm important fasfa question!!!

<p>you know how on your fasfa you have to indicate what school your attending for the years you're applying for financial aid????
welp... idk what school i'm going to be attending since we dont find out till like april or something
so do I just make a guess and put which school i'll be most likely attending? and then change it if I go to a different school?
and someone told me you have to "send" your fasfa to the schools you're applying to. how do I do that??????</p>

<p>When you fill out the FAFSA, you'll have the option to send your FAFSA to 10 schools.</p>

<p>is there going to be instructions how to do this on the fasfa? and what about which school I put that I am attending?</p>

<p>If you didn't apply to more than 10 schools, then just put all the schools you applied to on the FAFSA. And, yes there will be instructions. There's a page on the application dedicated to this.</p>

<p>ok thanks. So anyone know what school I put that I am attending since I don't know which school I'll be attending?</p>

<p>Just put all the schools you applied too since you haven't been accepted yet.</p>