UMN Application Tracker Status Change?

<p>Hi everyone!</p>

<p>I applied to University of Minnesota Twin Cities on October 21. Today, I checked the application tracker online and noticed that the status bar changed. It doesn't tell me any new information, but it is a different message than the status a few days ago. Does this mean anything? I was told a few times that when the status says that they are "carefully considering" your application, it means you will get a decision in about two weeks. My status change does not say that, but does it mean anything in regards to my application being accepted/denied? Thanks!</p>

<p>What changes are your status bar? is it just the date/time? Most get “acceptance” status once they get the “carefully considering” message. One thing you can compare is that if your stats (GPA and ACT/SAT) are above or around the Avg admited student profile for the school you applied, you have good chances of accpetance. If your is below the average, you will have to wait for their decision. Good luck.</p>

<p>It’s nothing significant. It went from saying “applications are accepted on a rolling basis starting in November” to saying “students whose applications are submitted by the priority deadline will receive their decisions by the end of February”. I just read into things entirely too much haha. My scores are slightly below average but my ECs, class rigor, and situation give me a slight advantage. Enough to get into CSE? Not sure, but I hope so!</p>

<p>That is the normal message after your application is complete. I think that “carefully considering” message is when the reviewer sends back the application for acceptance to the office. I saw this year have a lot of acceptance with high ACTs for CSE. You will have just wait a little longer to get your decision. I think you have a good chance to get acceptance.</p>

<p>That makes sense. I figured I was reading into it too much!</p>

<p>I submitted my application to UofM Duluth. Is there a application tracker for UMD? when I login all I see is “Application Status: Submitted”. I didn’t even receive an email from UMD, while from UM TC I got an email acknowledging my application.</p>

<p>I never applied to Duluth, but I would assume so. Have you been on TCs app tracker yet? You go under the Admissions tab and it’s right there. Maybe Duluth’s is the same. I can go look.</p>