UMN CLA Acceptance?

Hi, I submitted my application for the UMN CLA - Mathematics and CLA - Comp Sci on Oct 29th. I’m not expecting to hear back so soon, but I wanted to know thoughts on my stats. They are not that great as I moved to one of the biggest high schools in MN my freshman year and had lots of issues but I’ve grown since then and have many achievements.

UW GPA: 3.0
W GPA: 3.3

ACT: 31

AP World History: 4
AP Calculus AB: got no score bc of covid testing
AP Calculus BC: 4
AP US history: 4
AP Macroeconomics: 3
AP Statistics: currently taking
AP Psych: currently taking


Business Professionals of America - state finalist and multiple regional awards
Volunteering Club - 50+ hours yearly
Hospital Volunteer - 3 hrs per week
Job - Kumon: 3 hrs per week
Muslim Student Association: Board member, 2 hrs per week
Amnesty International
She’s the First

Did Common App essay and both supplemental questions, had them checked and edited by Ivy League friends. Feel very proud of them.

Got a letter of rec from my 9th grade Algebra 2 teacher who knows a lot of the stuff I went through personally.

I’m very nervous. My GPA has been rising ever since freshman year, but it took a dip my junior year due to some issues at home. I didn’t address these issues on my application because I didn’t want them to sound like an excuse and didn’t know how to word them properly. Not sure if I should send an email to the U to let them know or not.

Looking for some thoughts, advice, and other college recommendations as I’m still applying!

I’d say you have a pretty decent chance. I know your gpa isn’t the best but you have multiple things going for you. Your ACT score is good enough for CLA and you are In-state. You also have taken a decent amount of AP classes. Your extracurriculars are average (other than your first one which I think is super impressive) but I believe that they will be enough for CLA. The only thing is I do not see much in your extracurriculars relating to what you want to major in but I don’t think that will hurt you too much. Writing the essays also shows your dedication to the school and as long as they are good, I think that they will help your cause. CLA tends to give out decisions earlier than some of the other colleges so hopefully you will hear back soon. I hope you hear good news soon! I’d love to stay updated on whether you get in or not! I also applied by Nov.1 to COSM and am anxiously waiting for a decision.

I think you have a decent chance. I think you send an email because of the fact that you made so much progress from moving schools and home issues. I think that UMN should know that you are fighting through and succeeding. This is a highly valued character trait. Best wishes!

Thanks for the reply, I hope you get in too! I’ll keep you updated on my decision. Hope to see you on campus next year maybe lol

Decisions are being given out on Mondays and you get an email at exactly 4:20 pm that tells you that there is an update in your application tracker. Hope this helps!

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