UMN CLA honors chances?

I am a junior in HS and would really like to get into the UMN honors program. Here are some of my stats/ec and my major:

I will be applying to the UMN CLA and major in Human Physiology. Because I am a junior right now and applying for fall 2022, act/sat is optional.

Gpa unweighted: 3.96

Ap classes: 6 (calc ab/bc, physics, chemistry, biology, and stats)


Varsity tennis captain for two years (varsity tennis for 4 years)

-Lots of volunteering

-Have my own small business

-Summer research

Is the UMN Honors program solely based on academics, or do they factor In extracurriculars as well? Can I get in even thought the average ACT for UMN CLA is 31-34? Should I submit my ACT since it’s below the average??

Thanks so much!!