UMN or UW-Madison?

<p>communications major, but just generally -- which is better for student life, academics, atmosphere, etc.? (Posting in Madison forum as well)</p>

<p>Madison is an all around better school academically and since it is a smaller, close knit campus, there is probably a better atmosphere/student life as the U of M seems to be more of a commuter school. As far as cities go, I found Madison to be kind of boring compared to the Twin Cities but I'm more of a big city person so that could be why. Ultimately though, regardless of what any of us say, it should come down to how you felt about each campus during your respective visits to each.</p>

<p>Oh man, another one of these posts....</p>

<p>Academics: Really are comparable for most things. Communications I have no idea which is better.</p>

<p>Campus Life: Yes the U is slightly more of a commuter school. But, honestly you really won't notice. The thing I have noticed between the schools, is the different personality of students. This is a total generalization of something I have noticed (and other CCers have as well) is that UW-Madison students seem to be a lot more stuck, toolish, and think they are the gift to the world. Both schools have a lot of partying, but as most of my friends at UW have said, that's all there is to do in Madison on the weekends. Madison IS a college town. This can be good and bad. The Twin Cities metro. is 3.5 million people with endless things to do.</p>

<p>I was accepted to both schools, but picked Minnesota. I prefer the larger city, as well as the U's campus. I'd suggest visit both and go from there. Be sure to visit while school is in session. Then choose where you'd be more comfortable. I'm fairly certain the difference in the Communications major at each school is negligible.</p>

<p>Anymore questions regarding either school let me know! I'm a current student at the U and live close to Madison.</p>