UMN Twin Cities CSE Chances

Hello I am an instate senior asking for my chances into CSE.
I would like to major in Aerospace or Chemical Engineering.
I am a PSEO student at both Normandale Community College and one class at the UMN currently.
Here are my stats:

GPA: 3.93UW 4.02W
ACT Composite 30 (31E, 34M, 22R, 33S) (Note I took a previous act and got a 31 in Reading… Just had a bad reading score but a higher composite)
Class Rank: Top 10%

I will take the October and hopefully get a 31 or 32 composite. Just want to worst case scenario it.

Senior Classes:

Normandale CC
Calculus 4 (Linear Alg. & Diff Eq.)
Calculus 3 (Multivariable Calc)
Physics with Calculus 2
Chem 2 (1062)
C++ for Engineers (CSCI 1113)
Modern World Literature
U.S. Politics

University of Minnesota Twin Cities
Public Health Course
Possible more courses at the U in the spring

I did PSEO early on so I only have two AP courses on my transcript from sophomore year:
AP States (4)
AP World (3)

Extra Curricular:
5 year Marching band (Rank Leader for 3 years)
3 year Property Manager for the Marching band
4 year Jazz collective
4 year Big band
America Reads and Counts Tutor
2 year Math Team Member
2 year Science Olympiad member (State qualifier)
Website owner and developer for a Homeless Outreach organization

My main concern is my ACT score. The average composite is consistently going up in CSE. I am wondering if my course load and GPA make a difference as well as the fact that I was accepted as a PSEO student at the U.

What are my chances? Thank you for the discussion