UMN Twin Cities Early Action for Fall 2022 Admission

Thanks a lot for the summary of the tour. Its very helpful. Sound like a great place.

Scholarship info received today—email to check portal.

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Accepted CS, OOS
UW 4.0 / 12+ APs
SAT 1550/ACT 35
Varsity Sport Captain
Solid leadership/very good ECs+CS related ECs/Volunteering etc
Accepted for CS in EA and withdrawn/declined the offer this week.

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Do any of you know if the waitlist is numbered in any way? I know some schools just keep it an open pool that they revisit as spots become available. I am wondering if it is worth reaching out to find out how far down my son is on the waiting list.

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From my understanding of waitlists, they aren’t linear. If there is space in engineering, they’ll pull an engineering student, in CLA and CLA student, etc. In addition to major they are going to look at gender, “hooks”, etc. I don’t think there’s any way they will be able to tell you where you are on the list, but you could send a letter of continued interest to let them know they are still one of your top choices.

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My daughter got accepted to University of Minnesota, University of Iowa, and Case Western. She got into their Direct Admit BSN program (Nursing). Which program should she select? Any suggestions?

After a crazy college application season my son committed to University of Minnesota yesterday evening. One of the few times I’ve seen him excited about the whole process. Rejections and waitlists took their toll on him from Jan through March, but he got off the waitlist in early April for MN and was finally able to visit it this past weekend to make sure it was a good fit (just in the nick of time). He loves the urban campus, engineering facilities, rec center, union, skyline of Minneapolis, etc.

Congrats to everyone else who was admitted and enrolled at Minnesota. Hope you all have a great 4 years!


What is the date for Freshman move in?

Welcome Week begins on Wednesday 8/31. So move in will be Mon 8/29 and Tue 8/30.

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Thank you so much! We are from out of state so I would like to book the flight in advance. When do students find out what dorm they move into?

Unfortunately, last year they didn’t hear until the very end of July. And you don’t get a move-in appointment until a few weeks later. We booked flights for Sun am to Wed am so we could do it early. That way we had time to shop and get our daughter set up without rushing around. Welcome Week keeps them very busy so there is no reason for you to stay any longer than Tue night/Wed morning.

The State Fair is going on during move-in so that is a fun place to check out if you are coming from a place that doesn’t have a classic midwestern State Fair.


My dd committed to another school on 5/1 but today UMN offered her a substantial merit scholarship. She is pretty upset that it didn’t come before commitment day. She is going to take a couple days to consider things.


My son was in a similar situation but in reverse. He committed to MN and then got off the waitlist at VT. Difference is he didn’t get any $$ from VT. He had really liked VT early on but in his head had committed to MN. I told him to go with his gut and where he’d want to spend 4 years. He ended up staying with MN.

Does the merit scholarship offered to your daughter make a big difference between the two schools? Or is it a wash? Good luck to her on her decision.