UMN Twin Cities to Harvard transfer

I saw on Harvard’s transfer page that only students in Liberal Education programs similar to Harvard’s can transfer. Can a University of Minnesota student apply as a transfer to Harvard?

I don’t see why not. What’s a bigger issue is that you already applied and weren’t accepted this past March. You’ve not begun a day in college and you’re already doubling back, hoping to convince Harvard they were mistaken with you in the last admissions season. Were you even wait listed?

I think you really need to put it out of your mind and have a wonderful college life at UMN.

When it comes to transfer applications, I think Yale’s phrasing says it best

It’s probably a safe bet that Harvard feels the exact same way.

So, what would Harvard offer you that you cannot get from your current college (besides the prestige)? That’s the question a successful transfer applicant from any school must answer.

In addition, Admissions keeps an electronic file of every rejected student for 3 years just in case they reapply. If you apply as a transfer applicant, your freshman application will be consulted and the notes that AO’s have made will be re-read. So, you ultimately must confront the reasons why you were rejected in the first place and address those issues. Was it because of an unremarkable transcript? A lack of maturity? A question about your character? Tepid recommendations? Lackluster essays? An interview gone awry? Who knows? But, all those factors will be thrown into the hopper if you reapply.

As @T26E4 said, you haven’t even started school at UNM yet you’re thinking of wanting to leave. That’s not the best way to start school! UNM is a great college, give it a chance and you might just learn to love it there!