UMN vs UW Madison (CS Program)


I recently got off the wait list of UW Madison for the College of Letters and Science and have already been accepted to the CSE of the University of Minnesota (Twin Cities).

I’m now confused as to what college to chose as I’m interested in majoring in CS.

  1. Which college should I choose?
  2. Which is more reputable?
  3. What are the pros and cons of each>

Please advice me regarding this!

They’re probably pretty comparable academically. Cost difference?

All things being equal, UMN may have the edge. However, the difference is unimportant compared to cost difference, or even preferences regarding location and campus culture.

I’d have a hard time switching gears at this point unless it was significantly cheaper or I really loved UW. You’ve already been through orientation at the U, registered for classes and I assume have your move in date…although both are probably all online.

Wisconsin’s secondary admission to the CS major seems somewhat less difficult than Minnesota’s.

You may want to see if there are significant differences in upper level CS course offerings in areas of your interest:

Thank you everyone for the response!