UM's world politics department is a joke

<p>Why is it that one adviser insists that we're one of the best when it comes to international politics but then another explains that about 5 professors left the international dpt because of budget cuts. there's only one freaking class offered in this concentration so what are students who want to major in it supposed to do? I've asked other kids around and it seems that they've been forced to major in history instead.</p>

<p>Azurek, are you sure about this? Isn't the PS department offering the following courses in the Winter of 2008?</p>

<p>336: Comparative Politics</p>

<p>339: China's Evolution Under Communism</p>

<p>340: Governments and Politics in Western Europe</p>

<p>341: Comparative Politics of Developed Democracies</p>

<p>342: Eastern Europe: Revolution, Reaction, Reform</p>

<p>343: Political Economy of Developed Democracies</p>

<p>344: Government and Politics of Russia</p>

<p>345: History of European Integration</p>

<p>346: Comparative Studies in Religion and Politics</p>

<p>347: Politics and Society in Latin America</p>

<p>350: Politics and Culture of Modern East European Jewry</p>

<p>351: Israeli Society and Politics</p>

<p>353: Arab-Israeli Conflict</p>

<p>354: Governments and Politics of Southeast Asia</p>

<p>356: Government and Politics of Japan</p>

<p>357: Governments and Politics of India and South Asia</p>

<p>358: Politics of the European Union</p>

<p>359: African Politics</p>

<p>360: Problems in World Politics</p>

<p>361: Regional Conflict and Cooperation</p>

<p>363: International Organization and Integration</p>

<p>364: Public International Law</p>

<p>365: Political Responses to Economic Globalization</p>

<p>368: Cooperation and Conflict in the International System</p>

<p>369: Politics of International Economic Relations</p>

<p>370: Comparative Foreign Policy</p>

<p>372: International Security Affairs</p>

<p>379: Advanced Topics in Foreign Policy</p>

<p>That's roughly 30 courses in one semester.</p>

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<p>Michigan has over 10 faculty members permanently assigned to International/World Politics and another20 or so assigned to Comparative Politics. </p>

<p>Department</a> of Political Science, University of Michigan</p>

<p>Department</a> of Political Science, University of Michigan</p>

<p>I really don't think that Michigan will allow its Political Science department, which is rightlfully ranked among the top 2 or 3 in the US, to slip. They may have lost a few faculty members to top universities, but they also hired faculty members from other top universities.</p>

<p>Alexandre, my comment was specifically directed towards the World Politics subset of Polisci at UM. </p>

<pre><code> With regards to the availability of classes, Polsci 360-370 are supposed to be designated for World politics. In the 08 winter term, only POLSCI 363 - International Organization and Integration was available. In the 08 fall term, only POLSCI 364- international law will be available. You can check the LSA course guide if you don't believe me. That's only 1 per term!!!

According to the world polsci adviser, students planning on majoring in this subset of polsci should either consider alternative majors like History or cross their fingers and hope that enough professors return so that the classes will be offered again. It seems that at this point, majoring in this and graduating in 4 years will be impossible. The PoliSci Department website is terribly outdated so virtually all but 1-2 of the world politics courses are nonexistent at this point. I don't know why they haven't bothered to update it.