I could not find a thread for University of Missouri St Louis and this thread seems to be closest related one, so I have posted my questions here.

I got accepted into umsl as an international undergrad and since it is affordable I’m considering to pursue my studies here. Is this university good for Computer Science?
I’m planning on doing my masters in a very reputed university so I want to know if it will it prepare me for my masters. Or at least do employers value a degree from this university.
And how is neighborhood? I heard St Louis crime rate is high.


I can’t tell you about college life since I’m still in high school.(I’m a sophmore.) But I’ve lived in St. Louis all my life. Like any city, St. Louis has its bad areas, but to me, it’s definetely a lot better in Chicago. I live in South City St. Louis. One of the “more poverish” areas. We live in a house with no alarm and haven’t had anyone try to break in yet. :slight_smile:
There are gun shots and certain things of that nature, but you can walk out to your car at night. UMSL campus is pretty safe, you’ll be perfectly fine on campus. Just be careful and do the things you’d do concerning safety anywhere else, stay away from alleys at night and you’ll be fine. Hope this helps.