UMW Rejection or Acceptance?

Does anyone know how UMW rejects people? Do you get a letter in the portal first followed by postal mail? Do you just get a portal notification?

How about acceptance? Is there a notification on the portal and then postal? Neither? Both?

My D21 applied EA back in Oct and then they offered an expedited decision if she attended a virtual open house last month. Her acceptance first came via email (although she wasn’t checking email and didn’t see it) and also came snail mail a few days later. Comes in a big packet and is obvious it’s an acceptance. Keep an eye on social media to see if they offer expedited decision again. My D21 is seriously considering attending but waiting to hear from CNU before she commits.

My daughter just got in. She applied ED in late Oct. They said they were announcing on 12/10, but the portal didn’t change, so she assumed she didn’t get in. The portal didn’t change with the acceptance until 12/13. It also said she was accepted 11/5. Not sure why they waited so long to notify her from an 11/5 acceptance, but she’s very happy!!



We checked the portal last night and my son was accepted. It says he should get an admissions packet in 11 days. It also notified him that he was accepted into the honors program.

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