UMW transferring from a community college after one year?

<p>Basically just transfer as an incoming Sophomore as opposed to Junior.</p>

<p>Anyone have experience with this or know anything about it? It says 62% of the 282 transfers for Fall 2013 came from VCCS schools the number of Guaranteed Admission Agreement people was very close to that number of CC students. I already chatted a bit with the admission office and it sounds like it's doable, but I guess not many people really opt for it.</p>

<p>My SAT score is above their average, 640 CR, 650 Math, and 630 Writing. And my high school UW GPA was 3.5. All A's Junior and Senior years (took Calculus, Precal, Physics) and so far I have yet to have yet to fall under an A in my any of my college classes.</p>

<p>*Excuse me, it should be …AND the number of students who used Guaranteed Admission Agreement was very close to the number of total VCCS students. Along with one B Junior year, it’s been a while :P.</p>

<p>Don’t know why I can’t edit the OP.</p>

<p>Strange, CC only has the edit post button for a few minutes! Well, anyone have any experience in transferring? Even if you’re not from a VCCS school it would be a help. The semester is going to end in roughly a month and I feel confident that I’ll either have a 4.0 or very close to it.</p>