D21 is accepted at both and is deciding between the two. She will go back and tour both as well as attend any accepted student days (though I imagine they will be virtual). Wanted to solicit feedback of the pros/cons for both, including how things are going with Covid. Thank you!

What major?
What does she like about a college?
Was she admitted to the honirs college at either one?
Any cost difference?

Was considering Elementary Education but is now undecided.

She’s looking forward to getting out of her hometown, meeting new people and figuring out what she wants to do with her life. She knows she wants a small school (which is why she’s deciding between those two). Likes to have small classes. Wants to study abroad.

Not interested in honors.

UMW is cheaper but both are within our budget.

She’s looking at the academic offerings of both and writing up pros/cons for each. It’s tough to get a real sense of the school with Covid but we will visit both again before she decides.

Looking for feedback on how the schools are dealing with Covid as well.

tagging @scoutmom2002, who went through this decision process last year.

@Mom0ftwo my D20’s decision came down to UMW or CNU. She wanted Elementary Education major as well. It was a tough choice…it came down to fit and education program options which the VDOE had just changed the requirements for in Va (no longer need Masters in Teaching for licensure) which my daughter was kinda bummed about… most schools including UMW dropped the 4+1…now allowing BS in Education with licensure.

She ended up choosing UMW primarily because their program offered BS in Education with Special Education endorsement.

While CNU retained their 4+1 program and my daughter really wanted the MAT option, CNU does not offer the Special Education endorsement which she really wanted and would have to get elsewhere in order to teach special education.

Another reason she chose UMW was surrounding Fredericksburg…very walkable and safe…which ended up being a a Godsend with Covid. She loves being able to walk to downtown Fredericksburg with her friends…or across campus to strip mall with grocery store, etc.

An important key difference between UMW and CNU…UMW does NOT have sororities or a football team whereas CNU does.

My D20 was willing to forgo sororities and football games, although she still wishes UMW had football for the social scene. Is your daughter ok with no sororities and/or football?

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Thanks for the update. I had read your posts in the other thread and they’ve been helpful. That is a concern I have for her, the lack of town at CNU. Seems like there isn’t much walking distance off campus, compared to UMW. Is that a deal breaker? That’s for her to decide. But CNU does have Va Beach nearby so coming from NoVa, that could be kinda fun to be able to go to the beach on the weekend or something. But that’s about all that seems appealing off campus. Maybe heading to Williamsburg too, I suppose.

How did UMW handle Covid? I take it your D likes it there!

I think my D21 would be happy with either school but just trying to find out how things are now with the pandemic and all.

@Mom0ftwo…where in NoVa are you? My D20 could reach out and talk directly to her about life on campus…or rather lack of… during pandemic. Hopefully with vaccine rollout…this fall when your daughter begins, whether at UMW or CNU, will be much more like the regular scene. It’s been extremely difficult at all colleges…and no school is doing a really good job… although this is uncharted waters for everyone. UMW has been ultra strict about regulations… which is why going off campus has been what has kept my daughter sane. Many kids went home on weekends…many kids stayed home for fall semester as almost all classes were virtual. Spring semester is much the same. It’s been really hard…those kids who like to go parties and thrive in large groups struggled the most as that was not allowed…not even in dorms. Sure…parties happened but then you got Covid and had to be quarantined and every contact had to be quarantined and then if it was on campus you got in trouble. My D20 broke the rules occasionally by having 1-2 friends in her room who were not roommate or suitemate…but if caught would have gotten in trouble.

Was UMW ultra strict…yes…but their #s remained low, no outbreaks and no need to send kids home.

The ultra strict regs extended to meals… dining hall not open for dine in. This is the only issue I had…they had a tent with tables outside…but having all meals put into styrofoam for takeaway…most kids just ended up eating in their rooms, especially during colder days. I was told that they were planning to open the dining hall this semester… especially since they took the tent down for fear of snow weight. That’s the only negative I have about UMW…as a freshman you must sign up for the full meal plan…which because of the pandemic…made it extremely less valuable.

Also, having all classes online was extremely difficult for my daughter whose other main reason to choose UMW was small class sizes/personal relationships with professors. She had many friends drop classes they were failing and she had to change one of her classes to P/F so the low grade would not affect her GPA. It’s been ■■■■■■ for all students at all colleges.

I’m not sure how CNU handled Covid…but I’m guessing very similar.

Thank you for the COVID feedback. From what I’m hearing, CNU was similar with the restrictions. I feel so bad for the students this year. This isn’t how college is supposed to be.

I will PM you @scoutmom2002 if my daughter wants to talk to another current student. She has been talking to a friend that is a freshman there from our neighborhood.

@Mom0ftwo check out UMW in this article!