Unable to complete TAU

Hello, I am trying to update my TAU but it is not letting me get past the “colleges” section of the TAU.

I attended De Anza College for one class over the summer which ran from August 13th to September 17th. On the TAU it’s only giving me an option to select “Fall 2021” which is not accurate because I took the class during Summer 2021.

My second issue is that I am currently taking an online class at Santa Ana College which runs from January 3rd to January 30th. When I am updating the new college that I am attending it says “The End Date must be later than the Start Date.”. But this is just a one month long class so I am not sure how to input this college and class.

I am not sure what to do and I would appreciate it if anyone can help me out.

You probably should have entered the summer class when you applied in November, since the class had ended 6+ weeks earlier.

As for your 2nd question, that sounds like a flaw in the TAU. You can contact UC admissions for help; see Contact us | UC Admissions

I did enter the summer class in the application back in November