Unanticipated marks

<p>My final grades were just recently released, and I must say that I did not expect to get a B- in a class that I considered to be relatively a joke. Sigh, seems as if procrastination does not work in this environment, at least for me. </p>

<p>Did you ever earn an unexpected grade, regardless if it was abysmal or awesome? If so, what class?</p>

<p>uhh not to proud to say this…but I got a C in psychology…most useless course I have ever taken and I’m not making that as my excuse…just saying. Probably didn’t help I was drinking heavily the night before that final.</p>

<p>B in Contemporary Moral Issues. Wasn’t necessarily unexpected though. It was more of an “I wouldn’t be surprised if I got an A” thing.</p>

<p>I had a ridiculously pointless and easy Human Geography class this semester… i made a 95 and 97 on the two midterms, a 98 on the research paper and a 97 on a group project we had to do. Then I didn’t even really study for the final and made a 73. o_O luckily, I still made an A- in the class…</p>

<p>So far, I only have two grades and they are the grades that I projected to get! I’m really worried about my lit theory grade. Didn’t do so hot on the midterm and did okay on the second exam, but I have NO idea how I did on my term paper. I hope it is not abysmal ::crosses fingers, hoping for at least a B::</p>

<p>I hope I get a 3.5 this semester. That would totally make my day after my horrible Spring semester! ^_^</p>