Unbelievable Mistake

<p>I was on the very last step before submitting my application, joyful that the college app pain was coming to an end. </p>

<p>Then as I previewed my document I noticed a line that said required SAT I science test.
I couldn't believe it. Collegeboard said that Caltech said "Other test policies:</p>

<pre><code> SAT Subject Test requirements: math level IIC, writing, biology (environmental or molecular), chemistry, or physics."

<p>Needless to say, I haven't taken a science subject test.</p>

<p>So now I am here to ask:</p>

<p>What can I do?
Should I apply anyway or am I wasting my money?
Should I contact them and ask for an exception?</p>

<p>Any help is appreciated!

<p>If, when you were deciding which subject tests to take, you didn't look at the list and say, "I think I'd do best at a science test, and thus I'll take it" (and instead chose to take history and literature), I wonder if a school that is extremely science-oriented is best for you.</p>

<p>If I were you, I would explain your situation in the addtl info section, and then take the january test and send scores to caltech.</p>

<p>The problem is whether or not you can do well on such short notice.</p>

<p>Thank you for the suggestions!</p>

<p>I think i'm going to go for it.
I have an hour to decide...</p>

<p>SAT Subject Tests: Mathematics Level 2 and one of the following Subject Tests: Biology (Ecological), Biology (Molecular), Chemistry, or Physics</p>

<p>Don't know how you missed that, but you should really contact them and say you misread the requirements so that they don't just throw out your app.</p>

<p>also reading the directions of an application seems relatively easy compared to taking a physics class at caltech. hmmmm hmmmm hmmmm hmmm hmmm hmmm hmmmm</p>

<p>I would give any high school senior some slack on that. The year is filled with trying to complete so many things, from college and scholarship applications to finishing your high school coursework, that it is mind boggling, especially when a student is involved in lots of activities. Some kids also have much more help from parents or counselors than others do.</p>