Unbelieveably stupid question, but please humor me.

<p>So, one of the scholarships that fastweb matched me up with was the Congressional Black Caucus Performing Arts Scholarship. I went and looked at the requirements and got excited. But then I went to the home page and saw that it was geared towards African Americans. So here's my stupid question: Do you have to be black to be eligible? It didnt say anything about it in the elibility requirements, but I figured maybe it just went without saying? Or is this scholarship in particular available to any prospective college student? I just don't want to put so much hard work into something that I'm not even going to be eligible for, and I'm honestly too embarassed to email them and ask. </p>

<p>Here is the link:
CBC</a> Spouses Heineken USA Performing Arts Scholarship-The Congressional Black Caucus Foundation, Inc.</p>

<p>It doesn't say you need to be black. No harm in trying. If they see your picture and reject you based on your skin color then so be it. Once again, it never hurts to try.</p>

<p>I encouraged one of my D's to apply for a scholarship offered by Indiana Black Expo, even though she is caucasian, because the eligibility criteria did not include any specific heritage. She had to include a photo. She grudgingly submitted the application even though she thought I was crazy. And she won one of the available scholarships.</p>

<p>thank you!!!!!</p>