UNC 2020

I am a senior at one of the top public high schools in North Carolina (so I’m in state). I am a student in the IB program. I will have completed 14 IB classes and 3 AP classes by the time I graduate. I did get 2 C’s my junior year; one in science and one in calculus. I’m very concerned that that will get my application thrown away. My GPA is a 4.58 weighted and 3.29 unweighted. My SAT scores are CR- 630 M- 650 W-700 totaling a composite score of 1980. I am president of our speech and debate team, coordinated a large debate tournament at my high school, and have been heavily involved in debate since my sophomore year. I also teach catechism at my local parish. I have done two internships for political campaigns, one for senate and one for mayor. This past summer, I spent a week in D.C. doing a program for women interested in political leadership. My selected major is Political Science, and I mentioned in my essay that I have an interest in my school’s student government and would like to run for congress when eligible.


I think you will get in!!! It will only be a couple days until you know if you applied early action.