UNC Announces 70 Morehead-Cain Scholars Class of 2024

Brief bios of the 70 Morehead-Cain Scholarship winners at UNC for Class of 2024:


The Morehead-Cain Scholarship–awarded to about 70 incoming freshmen each year–covers all expenses for four years at the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill.

Among the 70 Morehead-Cain Scholars for the Class of 2024, 37 are from North Carolina, and 33 are from outside of North Carolina including 3 from Canada.

Selection is based on:

Moral Force of Character
Academic Achievement
Physical Vigor

Morehead-Cain Scholar applicants / candidates must be nominated by their high school / prep school. Very easy to arrange if one’s high school has not done so in the past.

Does the M-C Foundation send a blanket email to all prospective UNC applicants in late July?

I do not know the answer to your question.

@Publisher Do you mean it is easy to arrange for your school to become a nominating school? It looks like from the Morehead site it would be too late for a new school to nominate someone that is in the 2021 graduating class.

My understanding is that a high school representative just needs to contact the Morehead-Cain scholarship committee to be added to the list of eligible nominating schools.

@alimom123 if you mean will the kids receive M-C “junk” emails, yes. D20 received several; don’t read anything into it.