UNC-Ch hook

<p>I was trying to play tennis of as my hook. I listed that I am a five year varsity letterman (7-11) my school is 7-12. My team placed 2nd at a national team tennis tournament. I have been team captain from 9-11, I listed under awards that i have won numerous USTA sanctioned tournaments. I have won the MVP award in 10th and 11th grade and most improved in 9th grade. I placed second at districts for 2 years in singles and doubles and last year during my sophmore year I won districts in singles and doubles and placed 2nd at regionals. And have and currently teach tennis as a part time job. I was wondering if that is good enough by itself to be the hook b/c I wanted to write about something else in the optional statement, which says</p>

<p>"Have you participated in any programs or activities to help you prepare for college, such as Project Uplift, Gear-Up, AVID, Upward Bound, or Summer Ventures? Please list each program. Is there anything else you would like to share with us regarding your background or interests? For example, do you have any exceptional talents or passions? Have you experienced personal difficulties or challenges that have affected your academic performance?"</p>

<p>I was going to write about a medical camp in India I volunteered at during winter break and over summer vacation. Basically what I am asking is should I write about tennis in my optional statement, or go ahead and talk about the medical camp. Thanks and I appreciate any input.</p>

<p>wut do ya got to do to get a response? bump</p>

<p>Like you said, the optional statement focuses on experiences that have prepared you for college. It seems to me that the medical camp in India would be more along the lines of what they're looking for here, e.g. international experience and deeper understanding of other cultures. Be careful not to slip into the cliche of discovering that people in India and America may speak different languages but deep, deep down are really the same.<br>
I assume you've already done your other essays, but if possible you could slip a mention or two of your impressive tennis leadership in one of those.
For my part, I declined to fill out the UNC optional statement--I felt I had already expressed myself thoroughly, plus I was sick of writing and revising essays. I sent it in already, so I won't second-guess myself...</p>

<p>If might be, if they havn't contacted you and you contacted them, it might be a bit gloomy. Most athletics are recruited during Sophomore year in HS, though a few are juniors.</p>