<p>First of all, i would like to know the Grading System of UNC. Do they have A-'s and +/- and stuff? Its crazy cuz my grades from wake transferred and my gpa shot up from 3.403 to 3.71. Im now seriously considering attending</p>

<p>Secondly, how hard is PREMED at UNC? Like what GPA do u think Unc students need to attend their med school? </p>




<p>How did your GPA increase? Most universities only compute the GPA only for courses you took at their school.</p>

<p>We have +/- but there's no A+. I don't know much about premed but most students who plan to go to med school are bio majors. Many upper level bio courses are so difficult that without a curve class average is sometimes below 60..Does it help?</p>

<p>im not sure how my gpa increased on the evals, but i swear it just did. Like my B- went to B and all my A-s went to A's. Crazy.</p>

<p>How do transfers make friends at UNC? Ha Is there like a transfers hall?</p>

<p>Most transfers stay in Granville towers so you'll meet many people there.</p>

<p>I know that transfer students can apply to live in the new on campus apartments-Ram Village located on south campus. They have some 3 bedroom (2 students per room) 2 bath apartments available. I believe many transfer students will be housed in one building along with sophomores and a few juniors. The Ram Village application is not the same as the regular application that is online. Check the housing site and you will see the application.</p>

<p>confusedman, where did you get your transfer evaluation? Is it posted somewhere online? Also, I thought I read somewhere that your GPA from other institution(s) is not calculated in your UNC-CH GPA.</p>

<p>Has anyone rec'd their financial aid yet?</p>

<p>Yeah you are right, it is not calculated, but it shows on the transcript as "equivalent" gpa when applying to med school, and a 3.71 looks way better than 3.4. I got the evaluations in the mail shortly after my admission letter</p>

<p>as far as med school goes...i was told by the unc-med school people that it is just as difficult for a graduate from unc-ch to get into their med school as anyone else from any other school...</p>

<p>what do u think would need to be the ideal gpa to graduate from unc and an ideal mcat to get into UNC med school, INSTATE.</p>

<p>UNC med accepts typicall 50% instate isnt that sick</p>