UNC-Chapel Hill Me Por Favor

<p>So I'm a Caucasian male from New Hampshire. I attend one of the best public high schools in my state and my school is five minutes away from Phillips Exeter Academy, giving it an inferiority complex. Stats much?
- 3.62 UW GPA, 4.76 W GPA
- Highest SATs: 740 CR, 620 M, 750 W (took them three times, never studied)
- Top 10% of my class, which has 400 kids (so, in top 40)
- In the National Honor Society
- Write for the school newsmagazine (for 2.5 years)
- Good EC's (don't care to list them)
- Good writer (strong essays)
- I have ADHD </p>

<p>So uhh what do you guys think? It's my dream school, I do not expect to get in, but what do you think?</p>

<p>I think you may not have a chance as an OOS, you would have had more chances as an in-state.</p>

<p>Thanks. Yeah I know it’s really hard to get into. Haha <a href="http://www.%5B/url%5D">www.</a> says i have a better shot at cornell than UNC-CH. I have a good second choice, U Wisconsin, plus if I get a half-tuition scholy to UConn I’d be happy. Already got into three backups, just waitin for the letters from Wisc and UNC this March</p>

<p>i live near unc and I know if you lived in chapel hill you would have a pretty good chance (though it’s still competitive) but i’m pretty sure they take like, 15% out of state kids or something like that. I would say yes you have a CHANCE, but they’re really tough on out of staters, so maybe not such a good one
you’re stats are really good though so i bet there are plenty of good schools you can get into!</p>

<p>thanks hm1994. Yeah I know it’s a shot in the dark, but I’m trying. Yes, 82% of frosh are instate, leaving about 18% from out of state…most of whom will be athletic recruits. I understand my chances, but I’m ready for anything to happen! It’s really my only reach school :/</p>

<p>Bdangle, my cousin had stellar of everything, applied as OOS, and still got rejected, while getting accepted at Northwestern, Brandeis and Rice. I am not quite sure why, but they are overly tough on OOS students, who many times are more deserving of a spot at UNC than an in stater. SO, if you don’t make it, you may want to attend another top school and then transfer, which may be easier to do. Good luck to you</p>

<p>@multitasker, thanks, but I don’t wanna transfer. If I don’t get into UNC (it IS my reach, after all) then I always have Wisconsin at Madison, but if I dont get into Wisc, then I got UConn, and If i dont get in there I already got into UNH. Plus, I have to get any college’s tuition down to UNH instate, which is 25k a year. So on the big IF that I get into UNC, i’d need a scholarship too…haha that’s why it’s called a reach</p>