UNC Chapel Hill - OOS

Hi! I know that Chapel Hill OOS is competitive but I am just wondering what my chances may be! I am applying to UNC with an intended major of Health Policy & Management. The Gillings School is very well renowned so I know that may make it even more competitive. Anyway here are some of my stats and extracurriculars.

  • Unweighted GPA: 4.0 Weighted GPA: 4.46 (Honors classes are unweighted)
  • I will have taken a total of 12 APs, with 6 of them being in this coming year. (APUSH, Microecon, Macroecon, Seminar, Psychology, Biology, Government, Calc AB, Stats, Research, Lang, and Computer Science A)
  • Officer of Junior & Senior Class Cabinet
  • 4 years of Cross Country (Captain Senior Year)
  • 3 years in HOSA with an officer position senior year. I am also in charge of organizing service projects for the club.

-Involved in my school’s new politics club

  • ACT 33 (taking it again in October) Math: 34, Reading: 35, English: 32, Science: 32
  • National Honor Society & AP Scholar with Distinction
  • Freshman year I went to a specialized STEM program during part of the school day and was able to do my own research projects.
  • Held part time job since sophomore year working 15-20 hours/week
  • Volunteered last summer at a local free clinic but was unable to continue this year due to COVID
  • I am a volunteer elementary/middle school track coach in the spring (since freshman year) (20 hours/week)
  • Freshman mentorship/ student ambassador program (junior/senior year)
  • Princinpal’s Advisory & Leadership group (junior/senior year)
  • Expect strong rec letters from a science teacher who has taught/coached me multiple years and a second teacher who knows me well.

Any advice or comments are very much appreciated!

Your stats are great, trust your abilities, you are completely fine. Just wanted to pop into to CC as when I was applying I remember reading other people’s posts and feeling really nervous and bad about myself. Take other people’s chance mes with a grain of salt. I’m an OOS UNC student and honestly, it’s hard to know for sure what admissions is thinking about, but let me just say, wow. With that work ethic, studying for 6 APs on top of college apps during a pandemic too!? Girl even if you don’t get into UNC (which I hope you will) I say 100% chance you will be successful in college regardless of where you go. Best of luck and I feel for the class of 2021, hope your senior class will look a lot better in the spring!

Everything looks great. You’d be a lock if you were in-state, but even OOS this is an extremely competitive application. I’ll echo what Peach3000 said, that even if you don’t get in UNC, you will have a lot of choices and will excel wherever you end up. Good luck!

Congratulations on your outstanding accomplishments to date. Well done!!! As you know, UNC OOS is a very competitive admit, more along the lines of a T20 school. You are absolutely competitive for a spot, but there are many other talented folks, hence the competitive nature of OOS acceptance.

When applying to these reach programs (they’re all reaches at this level - which doesn’t mean a reach for your ability, but rather more of a lottery pick), just understand it’s quite subjective and not indicative to your abilities. It certainly doesn’t define you. I would also strongly urge you not to fall in love with a school until you’ve been admitted. There’s not just one school for you. UNC is awesome, but so are many others.

S was in a similar position a few yrs ago and applied to several high target and reaches and he was about 50/50. Didn’t get his top choice but fortunately got his second and, as it turns out, I think it was the better place for him. Make a list of things you want in a school and look at several that check those boxes.

Best of luck and continued success!