UNC- Chapel Hill or U of Florida

<p>Econ Maj. who attended private college prep HS - 3.7 GPA (5+ hrs of homework each night!) </p>

<p>Have narrowed to UNC or U of Florida - admitted to both - plan on going to grad school for JD/MBA. </p>

<p>Want a more relaxed univ experience - less stressful, fun, keep high GPA with less work, and get into top grad school. </p>


<p>a girl at my school got into unc off the waitlist after sending in her deposit to uf, and spent a month and a half deciding. she chose unc, which is what i would certainly do. although if you dont wanna do any work you should go to uf because its a much bigger joke than any uf student will admit. but with a lack of work ethic they wont want you at a good school like unc anyway.</p>

<p>I think North Carolina is a better place to live than Florida.</p>

<p>It's mainly because I have to have four seasons...</p>

<p>I also think UNC is simply superior to U of F.</p>

<p>i completely agree.</p>

<p>i mean..come on..UNC or U of F?? check the rankings. plus, UNC's undergrad business is ranked 6th.</p>

<p>"if you dont wanna do any work you should go to uf because its a much bigger joke than any uf student will admit."</p>

<p>A joke? Hardly. Although I can't say I'd expect more from someone living in Tallahassee. How about you substantiate your claims with some facts?</p>

<p>The truth is between the 2 colleges UNC is ranked higher, but you can't go wrong with either school. Go with the one with the environment you're more comfortable in - CCers like to overblow the importance of where you go to undergrad. Both UNC and UF are tier 1 schools; the difference will be in the environment, meaning the campus, surrounding area, and size of the student body/faculty.</p>

<p>uf has a remarkably ugly campus as opposed to unc's. some facts: i know huge idiots who go to uf and do well, when they should probably be used as science experiments instead. i also know really smart people who go to uf and do minimal work and do really well. afterall, this is a school that grants a full-ride with a 1270 sat, 3.5 (or some similarly low number) gpa, and some community service. if youre national merit, uf will suck your d***. </p>

<p>honors program at uf is good, but honors unc is still better. everyone tries to validate their attendance at uf because its an amazing and underrated school or that theyre poor (im poor, but i value my education so i left florida), but if you take an unbiased look at it its really not that great. so it sounds like uf is the place for you, petescoffee.</p>

<p>Well, I can't say I'm not disappointed, I asked for facts and I got nothing but an opinion, shakey anecdotal evidence (honestly, does it say anything that you know "idiots" that do well in the school?), and a false statement. If you knew what you were talking about, you'd know that the merit aid for NMF has been reduced to 5k from 24k this year. And not to mention the disdain you seem to have for the Bright Futures scholarship - this is the one thing I don't understand. How can it be spun as a bad thing that Florida residents are guaranteed full tuition at any public state university for fulfilling some moderate requirements? I guess if you're an elitist anything can be.</p>

<p>This guy asked for assistance in choosing a school, the least you could do is be unbiased, which you obviously aren't. I said it already, UNC is the more prestigious of the two schools (UF is no slouch either..visit this link: <a href="http://ed.sjtu.edu.cn/rank/2005/ARWU2005_Top100.htm%5B/url%5D"&gt;http://ed.sjtu.edu.cn/rank/2005/ARWU2005_Top100.htm&lt;/a&gt;) - but with undergrad degrees where you go to school is much much much less important than it is for graduate degrees. What is more important is that you're in a place where you feel academically stimulated and feel comfortable. This is possible at most large universities; UNC and yep, UF too.</p>

<p>um. bright futures really only covered 3-4k for tuition and 900 for books. you still had to pay 10k a year. it really wasn't that great of a deal.</p>

<p>i got into both UF and UNC. i know many people who got into great schools (GA tech, vanderbilt, etc.) and chose to go to UF instead and ended up loving it. it really is moving up in rankings and their academics are improving, and they're aiming for more improvement in the future. it's really starting to be a more respectable college, and i don't think too many people realize that. </p>

<p>UF is a great school, no doubt about it. but damn, do i love me some chapel hill. when i visited gainesville, i really didn't like it too much at all. of course, this was while a minor hurricane was going on and we fled our city. still, i stayed with friends, and while that made it better, it still wasn't the feeling i was looking for.</p>

<p>why don't you try visiting them both? you're going to get a good education at either one, so it should really just come down to how you respond to their environments.</p>

<p>Well for the most part for instate students the highest tier BF scholarship does cover all of tuition costs (there's a limit on the total number of credit hours, I don't remember it, but for most standard 4 year tenures you won't be paying tuition)..obviously this doesn't include room and board.</p>

<p>Fromdistantstar, I 100% agree with your post. The school's environment should be the deciding factor.</p>

<p>First, thank you all very much for your responses. I am used to putting in the hours to gain the education - keep grades strong.</p>

<p>Do you think that a one or two day visit really will assist?</p>

<p>No need to visit...</p>

<p>Pick UNC.</p>

<p>i think bright futures is an excellent idea, but they should up the standards. for instance, full tuition: 1350, 3.7 unweighted, maybe like 50 community service hours cause i hate that crap anyway. that money could be used for many more useful things. also if youre national merit you get to register for classes before everyone, including seniors. theres a fact. </p>

<p>youre right, im pretty elitist and that was probably a bit unnecessary. most of my friends go to uf, and i dont have a problem with it or anything im just tired of people calling it "the harvard of the south."</p>

<p>Between UNC and UF - do you really need to do that much more work at UNC to keep top grades?</p>

<p>Good question Watkins....</p>

<p>Both are great schools with equally talented student bodies. Becuase of its size UF has more diverse academic offerings. For example UF has engineering and UNC doesn't. With the difference in OOS tuition it seems to make more sense to stay in state and save the money for graduate school. By the way the average stats for UF Honors College is 4.0 GPA and 1450+ SAT; very comparable to UNC's top students.</p>

<p>Although you can receive 100% tuition at UF with bright futures with a 1270 and 3.7, you're not guaranteed to get in. Almost all of the kids from my high school class that got into UF had at least a 1300. I applied to both schools and was accepted to both but I'm saving my money for grad school (which is more important anyway) which is why I'm going to be an Honors student at UF. I loved UNC and it's defnitly an outstanding institution but UF will be there soon enough. It's definitly a university on the rise which is why it's great to be a Florida Gator. Plus our basketball team is better :P</p>

<p>"it's great to be a Florida Gator. Plus our basketball team is better :P"</p>

<p>HEAR HEAR!</p>

<p>My brother is an econ major at UF. He was a 10/280, NMFinalist, pretty decent but not great work ethic student. He has a ridiculously high GPA at UF (It's in the 3.9's and the loss was from Arabic.) UNC seems to be a bit less given to grade inflation from what I've read, so by your criteria I'd go to UF.</p>

<p>I got into to UF and UNC OOS. I almost went to UNC but did not strongly consider UF. UNC has a much nicer campus and is in a much, much nicer state. It's rep with grad schools is more solid than UF's (though not by a huge amount) and rec's from UNC probably carry extra weight at Duke Law and Business, due to the close interaction between the two schools, if you're interested in that school.</p>

<p>Out of Idle curiosity, why aren't you considering UMich?</p>

<p>Well the mularkey about North Carolina is clearly opinion based. I've lived in Florida all my life and would never even consider living anywhere else.</p>

<p>Don't listen to crazy Florida people. They love the 100 degree super-humid weather. Gainesville is in the worst part of the state too.</p>

<p>I guess I just have a fondness for multiple seasons, snow, normal temperature variation, and non-ugly terrain.</p>