UNC-Chapel Hill out-of-state

<p>i'm an out-of-state Junior in florida, looking to apply to UNC.</p>

3.75ish unweighted
4.2 weighted</p>

<p>taking AP English, APUSH, dual-enrolled trig, french 3, drama 3, physics honors and journalism honors
expecting to take 4 or 5 AP classes next year
(my school doesn't offer that many AP classes)</p>

<p>my dad went to UNC when in college.</p>

<p>expecting to have around 150-200 service hours</p>

<p>i'm going to take the SATs in winter, spring and summer. expecting to score around 1200-1300</p>

varsity diving (9th)
clubs- beta club (10th, 11th), drama club (11th), National Honor Society (11th), Energy Club VP (11th), Chess club (11th), Rho Kappa (11th)</p>

<p>is that not enough information to guess about admission chances?</p>

<p>Grades average, SAT's are about average</p>

<p>You need a good application (essay, recommendations), make your EC's seem less plain. </p>

<p>depends, right now a 30% chance maybe for out of state guy.</p>

<p>BTW, i'm comparing you to all my instate freshmen friends @ UNC right now.</p>

<p>SATs will count very heavily so it is difficult to say. If your dad is an alum, you will be treated as an instate applicant which gives you significantly better chances; but your dad had to have graduated as an undergrad from Chapel Hill in order for you to get that legacy status, not just taken some courses there or been a grad student.</p>

<p>It is still difficult to get int UNC-CH. My friends daughter with similar stats and a 1300+ SAT1 did not get in as an instate aspirant. If it is a top choice school for you, by all means give it a try, but make sure you have some other schools that are less selective on your list as well. UNC-CH is not a shoo-in for anyone.</p>