UNC-Chapel Hill to Cornell?


<p>I was just wondering whether anyone out here went to UNC-Chapel Hill and then transferred to Cornell, and how they found the experience... Cornell offered me the transfer option when I applied for freshman year, but I really like it at UNC so far. Basically I'm trying to figure out whether I should keep that Cornell option open. I've read over a few UNC vs. Cornell posts, but am trying to find a personal experience. Any pros/cons/advice/comments appreciated, thanks!</p>

<p>Misc info:
-Biology major: want to be an epidemiologist (infectious diseases) or some area within medical biology, so even if I did leave, I might come back for graduate school at UNC (Gilling's School of Global Public Health is #2 in nation last time I heard)
-Bird nerd (hence one of the attractive qualities about Cornell)
-From Maryland originally but moved to NC 6 years ago
-Lots of familiar faces at UNC (a third of my high school's senior class comes here every year), but not afraid of making new friends
-Poor college student (heard Cornell gives pretty good financial aid...)</p>

<p>I’m from North Carolina and have spent a lot of time in Chapel Hill. Most of my friends are at UNC right now and loving it. I would definitely keep the option open but you might find that UNC is very similar to Cornell although Cornell is known for the sciences so the biology major here definitely is one of the tops in the game. Even though the financial aid can be generous here, nothing beats public school in-state tuition (esp. in the south). I love both schools and honestly would like to go back home to UNC for graduate school. Either way you can’t go wrong.</p>