UNC Chapel Hill transfer fall 2023

I am a rising sophomore at Washington and Lee University (top liberal arts school in VA). I am highly considering UNC as a transfer option for Kenan Flagler going into my junior year. I am OOS with around a 3.4- 3.5 college GPA and a 4.3 from high school. I also had some family health issues go on throughout my first year that caused some distractions from school. My GPA was lower than I would have liked. I have been involved in some ec’s as well as my own small business I run. I was on the business admin major tract at W&L but now have decided that I may want to pursue a business degree else where do to multitude of factors. I won’t get into them at the moment. Does anyone have tips for me when filling out my application? Also is applying from a already strong business program/overall school help my chances?

It sounds like you want to transfer away from something in addition to looking for a different program. We do not need to know what is going on at your current school, but find a way to make the most of this year there. Freshman year is a big transition and coupled with family heath concerns at home that can be tough. Give things a 2nd chance when you get back in the fall and keep your grades up this coming semester, so you can broaden your options.

You will want to have additional options besides UNC. UNC gets a fare share of instate transfers from their own 2 year schools along with in-state 4 year colleges. And getting into their business program in an extra step that will not be easy. Make sure to take the classes this year you need to be considered: Undergraduate Business Transfer Students | UNC Kenan-Flagler Business School

What is your home state?