UNC-Chapel Hill vs Case Western [computer science or data science, pre-med]

Hello everyone! Currently, I’m deciding between Case and UNC and both cost the same amount. I’m planning on being on the premed track while majoring in data science at Case and computer science at UNC. Additionally, I’m from Ohio. Both seem like great options, so can you all help me decide! Thanks!

I can’t think of a single reason you would go to Case over UNC.

For one potential reason, the OP may value CWRU’s generally stronger student profile.

UNC-CH has competitive secondary admission to the CS major; it is not clear how competitive it is.

Well they have a Dave’s Cosmic Subs at Case.

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Maybe you want smaller, in / near the city .

I think it really comes down to what do you want to study.

Unc is not direct admit and it’s a different major than Case ?

I would not just assume UNC is better. They are different and both strong.

Hands down, UNC for CS, unless there is something particular about CWRU that attracts you.