UNC Chapel Hill vs Northeastern Business

UNC Chapel Hill

  • Full ride
  • Good academics, ranked really well in business
  • Got assured acceptance into the Business School
  • Love the school spirit
  • I got a good vibe from the people when I visited
  • I feel like I’d get the “true college” experience
  • Might feel a little limited by the campus
  • Isn’t in/near a city
  • I heard some people say there isn’t that much to do after you visit everything franklin street has to offer.
  • Not sure how the opportunities are in recruitment for business at this school compared to how it works at neu
    Major: Business Administration: Accounting
  • In the city
  • Got into their Honors Program, which comes with a lot of perks such as scholarships for study abroad
  • Their coop program as a business major would put me in better standings when applying for jobs
  • I like how for business, u take an introductory course for each concentration which would allow me to see what sector of business i like best
  • I heard that the school feels like an airport? due to the coop program and people constantly leaving
  • Not the generic college experience?
  • Less school spirit
  • 11k a year, not a full ride but i could try to get more financial aid

UNC Chapel Hill. With a direct admission to business school your job placement should not be an issue. It is also a target for IB if you desire to work in this field.


There is a lot to do at UNC even if you never step foot on Franklin. It really depends on your interests though.

Congrats on these offers!

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I did not think Kenan-Flagler was direct admit, but if you have a guaranteed spot, UNC is the better program. The question is…is it the the better program for you?

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UNC. Unless you need the 100% paid tuition and job boost of co-ops. I think UNC is a better choice but you’d have to figure out how 44K debt would be for you/your family. It’s not a small thing.

It’s a no-brainer. Take the full ride at UNC.


Most would consider UNC KF undergrad a semi target for IB but still a better option (especially with no tuition) than NE.
Here is a good reference (not gospel by any stretch) for undergrad programs relative strengths in IB https://www.peakframeworks.com/post/ib-target-schools

I didn’t know that at all thank you! I don’t think I will go into IB but I’ve been wanting to know more about KF’s ability to get me into different fields within business so you just helped me with that a lot.

I stopped reading after UNC full ride.

Did you write anything else ?


I should’ve added that I was also admitted into stern however I would be in London my first year and the cost would be 20k per year.

lmao you got me there! Just trying to weigh my options and go to the best business school I can

I did see the direct admit which like others i didn’t know was possible - so that makes it a no brainer - especially in light of your gushing about UNC and your cons are sort of - a bit ridiculous.

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