UNC CO25 Waitlisted

I have very similar stats as you and I applied regular decision to UNC! Is it alright if I ask what ecs you did?

Do they accept letters of continued interest if you are put on the waitlist? or is it pointless?

i heard someone got off the waitlist. Are they starting to pull people off?


I think they pulled some people off yesterday

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do you think they are gonna continue doing that from now?

Are these people waitlisted EA?

That would be the first Iā€™m hearing of it since I know no one who was pulled off the waitlist yet. Decisions are supposed to be released going forward I believe

yes the people I know who got off yesterday applied EA. My guess is that they pulled some people off as people started declining offers and as they reviewed RD decisions.

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hey sorry for the late reply! I was wondering what happened to your decision?

Is sophomore acceptance included in waitlist acceptance rate? Just curious

I got in surprisingly! Hopefully you get off the waitlist!


Did you apply for EA? or RD?

I applied regular decision.

Did you submit a LOCI?

did anyone get off the EA waitlist without submitting a LOCI?

Chances for WL students depend on strength of RD students applied. As there are no more deferrals , if enough RD applicants were not very strong compared to WL, then chances would go up for WL. They removed deferrals from last and therefore there is no enough data on that yet.

I got into a school Iā€™m very happy with. Is there any way to take myself off the waitlist after already accepting a position in January?

Yes you update your MyCarolina or email uncsubmit@admissions.unc.edu

Hi everyone,
I was recently waitlisted from the RD pool. How helpful would submitting a LOCI be to my application ?