UNC CO25 Waitlisted

Hey everyone. I was just waitlisted from UNC-CH and hoping I hear back from them. In the event I am not accepted off the waitlist, I was wondering what would be my course of action for the following year. My stats:
GPA (W/UW): 4.44/3.76
SAT: 1430 - (770 Math/ 660 Reading)
AP classes: 14 classes
IB classes: 4 classes
Dual Enrollment: 2 classes
Honors: 11 classes
Standard: 2 classes
Class Rank 100/535
As for this year, what can I do to improve my chances of being accepted off the waitlist? Additionally, should I take a gap year and focus on improving my SAT? I am an in-state-student.


Same here. Seen this data but is there any who got admitted. Real story…

Admission is a tricky thing. No rule or clear cut answers. Is UNC your first and last option. Otherwise, its not the end of the world. Why waste a year.

Waitlisted too. When do y’all think we’d hear back?

UNC isn’t my only applied school rather my most favored

Anytime between now and June 30th.

Yikes. How are you supposed to wait till June 30th when the deadline for most colleges is May 1st?

They say to enroll to another school before but will let you know of a final decision by the June 30th

class rank apparently matters

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How do you know?

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Heard it from the advisor at school. It’s not the only criteria, but it seems to matter.

Do they typically accept from the WL on a rolling basis or do they announce all in May / Jun?

I believe they have different rounds so rolling.

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Old 2024 waitlisted thread. But gives some clues. Lucky ones might hear in April from UNC.

UNC - Chapel Hill Waitlist 2024 - Colleges and Universities / University of North Carolina - Chapel Hill - College Confidential

Everyone has an answer to what is the criteria. There is no criteria.


yep, rolling

Waitlisted from EA. Is that better or worse than getting deferred?

They don’t defer

Thank you. I didn’t realize that it was accept, deny or waitlist only with no separate deferrals to RD.

Last year they took a bunch of kids off the WL due to Covid like a lot of other schools. Of course with the increase in apps and guesses In yield rates it may change but I doubt it will be anywhere near that high.

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It is a traditional waitlist. Very small chance of admission. Most kids don’t hear til late May or June.