UNC CO25 Waitlisted

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have u guys heard anything recently?


No, I have not. I don’t know anyone that got off the waitlist recently. I’m surprised though because May 1st would have allowed for a lot more students (I assumed).

I talked to Admissions yesterday (Monday 5/3) and they said that they will start to look at how many slots they have left now that’s it’s after 5/1.

During May there will be a few batches of waitlist people offered admissions. They said most of the offers will happen in May. Then in June there will be a trickle until it’s done (probably the waitlists that turn them down will open up some slots).

I know this is not an interesting update but what to share what I know.

Thank you so much for this update !

anyone know how many oos on the waitlist this year? or just how many in general?

I would like to be added!!

Hi can you pm me!!

Can I get in on this?

I think that it was removed after your application was updated with the WO decision, but don’t quote me on it