UNC in state chances?

So my D is concerned about her chances in state (Mecklenburg). She’s 1440 SAT, 4.0 uw, 4.5 w, top 3% of her class, NC Gov School grad, great ECs. I feel like her odds are pretty good. Any opinions?

Stats are good. He’s at least in the middle of the curve, and being in-state helps his chances tremendously. UNC is never a guarantee, but I think he’ll get in.

Thanks. Would like thoughts from others as well if anyone feels so inclined…

My D had similar numbers as yours. She had 33 ACT. She was accepted with her twin bro. We are from Charlotte also, CCHS. I think there is a degree of luck to UNCCH admissions as there were several classmates of theirs with better numbers who were rejected. Her essay is critical, based on our experience with admissions 2 years ago. Good luck.

She looks like she is fine, numbers are good, but the female and Mecklenburg do make it a challenge. My D got in with Similar stats a few years ago and we are in Wake. But there are some years when UNCs admits don’t make perfect sense. But I would bet on her getting in. My S20 didn’t even want to apply, I think his chances were about 50%, but he really doesn’t want to go there, and if he had gotten in I would have felt like he needed to go. It is a great school but it isn’t for everyone.

Good luck and keep us posted!

Thanks. Getting a bit nervous. 4 weeks to decision day.

I would say your scores are pretty good. It is always tough to tell with Carolina. People will higher scores have been rejected, but I think you might have a decent shot.

I should update…She did indeed get in EA and is a freshman there now. Best of luck to those applying!