UNC In-state/out-of-state

<p>My family will be transferring to NC in June (job related). However, my son is currently a high school junior enrolled at a very well respected private school in the North East. Although there are some fine schools in NC, he has attended his current school since the 3rd grade and would love to stay for his senior year. So, we're considering alternative housing arrangements (family, apartment, etc.) to allow him an opportunity to finish his education there.</p>

<p>Question: Since we will become NC residents at least one year prior to him going to college, and, should he choose to apply to UNC Chapel Hill, would he be considered an in-state applicant? </p>

<p>My question is not about tuition (instate or out-of-state). Rather, it's about the application pool that he will be judged against (since UNC accepts 80% instate and only 20% out-of-state)? As an in-state applicant, he has a far better chance of acceptance than as an out-of-stater (all things being equal). Technically, he would be a NC resident, but his HS transcript will come from an from out of state school I suppose this situation is similar to a child going to boarding school and then applying to their home state university (although his current school is a day school and does not board students). </p>

<p>Just looking for comments/thoughts from those that might be in a similar situation, or someone that might know how this type of application is evaluated by admissions at UNC. </p>