UNC or Tulane or Northeastern

MyD was accepted on a full scholarship in honor class at Tulane and also as an Honors student in the accelerated research program at UNC chapel hill. She is thinking of Public health , still thinking which is best for academics/ location…

She was also accepted at Northeastern with $22k scholarship. All so different with the coop program at NE and being in the accelerated research program at UNC. Any advice which would be the better choice?

There are different ranks - and there are different aspects of public health. So what does your child want to do in public health? Promotion, something more medical, administration?

I’d look at the classes or concentrations and see which fits.

In general, I think UNC is much higher rated but a full scholarship to Tulane is FANTASTIC. Not sure the cost differential with UNC.

For most, an undergrad in Public Health is going to lead to grad school or a low paid job so I’d go for the $$ at two great schools. Both will be solid if she decides against the major too.

Good luck.