UNC Shooting Victim

<p>I am very saddened to report that Eve Carson, UNC Student Body President, member of my son's Morehead Scholar class, and also one of his closest friends since Finalist weekend was identified today as the victim of a shooting near the campus several days ago. Please keep Eve, her family and all of her large circle of friends in your prayers.</p>

<p>Eve</a> Carson, 1985–2008: Carolina loses a special person</p>

<p>How incredibly tragic. This is a terrible loss for the UNC community. My thoughts go out to you all. This is also the second death in as many days of college students from Georgia. Lauren Burk, a freshman at Auburn, from the metro Atlanta area, was murdered yesterday. This just HAS to stop!</p>

<p>My thoughts are with her family and friends. What a horrible tragedy. Do they have any suspects yet?</p>

<p>Looks to be a carjacking gone bad. Vehicle is a favorite of gangbangers.</p>

<p>abc11.com:</a> Chapel Hill police find the body of a student near campus 3/06/08</p>

<p>Horrible. Just got off the phone with ldgirl...she is stunned and so upset. She said everyone knew this wonderful outgoing girl and that she was loved by all.</p>

Vehicle is a favorite of gangbangers.


A Toyota Highlander? :confused:</p>

<p>Terrible. I was just watching this on the news yesterday, but they hadn't identified the victim. My condolences go out to her family and friends.</p>

<p>Son just called to tell me. Though he didn't know her, he is very upset. I just can't imagine something like this. I was just in Chapel Hill last weekend and walked around town late in the evening --felt so comfortable and safe.</p>

<p>Here is the email sent to the students:
Dear Carolina Students, Faculty and Staff,</p>

<p>I am so sorry to tell you that Chapel Hill Police have identified the
victim of this week's shooting as Eve Carson, our student body
president, trustee, wonderful person and great friend. We are deeply
saddened and numb with grief.</p>

<p>I would like for us all to gather this afternoon on Polk Place at 3 p.m.
to remember Eve and to grieve together. We will plan a full memorial
service at a later time. For now, it is important that we pause,
contemplate our loss and give each other support.</p>

<p>We encourage students, faculty or staff who feel they need assistance to
contact the Office of the Dean of Students (966-4042) or Counseling and
Wellness Services (966-3658). Counselors will be available at the Upendo
Lounge at the Student Academic Services Building and Room 2518 A/B in
the new addition at the Carolina Union until 11 p.m. this evening
(Thursday, March 6, 2008). Resident advisors in campus housing and
Granville Towers are also available to be of assistance and support.</p>

<p>I know how difficult it will be to begin to comprehend something so
tragic. Please, as you gather your thoughts and prayers, think of Eve's
parents, family and friends.</p>

<p>I hope you will join us this afternoon on Polk Place.</p>


<p>James Moeser</p>

<p>This email is sponsored by: Office of the Chancellor</p>

<p>eadad - I am so sorry for your son and am keeping him in my prayers as well.</p>

<p>She was arguably one of the most influential and intelligent people on campus. I am so shocked and upset. The reports came out and based on the description I knew it would be a Carolina student but this is just so effing tragic...</p>

<p>eadad, my heart goes out to your son, her other friends and her parents. What a tragedy. I hope the person responsible is found.</p>

<p>My Carolina friends-
I was heartsick to read about Eve Carson this afternoon - some of my students brought me the news and were shaken as well. My thoughts and prayers with you all and with her friends and family-</p>


<p>So, so sorry to hear of the loss of such an incredible and innocent young woman. Please share our sympathies with the family, friends and students. Every parent's worst nightmare.....</p>

Police have asked people to be on the lookout for Carson's blue 2005 Toyota Highlander, with Georgia plate AIV-6690



<p>Truly sad. Thoughts and prayers are with her family.</p>

<p>This is so upsetting. Both of my D's there are upset in their own ways. Eve touched both of their lives. D1 is a junior and she helped with Eve's campaign last year because her bff was her campaign manager. D1 didn't know her well but it was creepy that their discriptions match exactly....her lack of ID the day before weighed heavily on her.....and her body was found close to her end of campus, just off in a neighborhood. </p>

<p>D2 went to freshman camp last summer and Eve was her counselor....fun, full of life, laughed endlessly and engaging. Her resume is amazing....showing her involvement and success in the classroom and out...we all would hope our students would be THAT involved. </p>

<p>Both D's having problems concentrating, exams today and tomorrow for midterm before break. I told them to dig down and find strength and to use her as a motivation to work extra hard. They just dont' understand the insanity these days.</p>

<p>My heart aches for her friends and family and the University community. They truly love these students and they too have lost a loved one. Prayers and hugs (((((((((((+))))))))))))</p>

They just dont' understand the insanity these days.


<p>None of us do.</p>

<p>Police found Carson's vehicle, a blue 2005 Toyota Highlander with Georgia plates, after receiving a tip Thursday afternoon from a witness who spotted it near Franklin Street, the Associated Press reported.</p>

<p>news and observer</p>

<p>:(...what a sad story.....
I better not let my mom read or hear this...
otherwise i won't be going there.</p>

<p>What an unspeakable horror, and such a terrible waste. As a person and physician with so much promise, how many people would she have helped and touched with her life? Some things in life truly cannot be explained by mere humans. My prayers go out for her and her family. I suddenly feel small for worrying about likely letters and scholarship days...</p>

<p>NC</a> Wanted: UNC Student's Missing SUV Found :: WRAL.com</p>