unc usc santa clara florida michigan? HELp me!@!!

<p>Chances at: UNC, USC, Santa Clara, Florida, Michigan??</p>

<p>i'm from chicago, attending a competitive private school...
nationality: Indian
middle-class family
ACT 29
SAt1: 1300
SatII: 670 (writing), 630 (math 2), 600 (us history)
Rank: 40-ish out of 250
GPA: 3.7 unweighted</p>

<p>junior class president
150+ hrs of volunteer work
Key Club vice president
Community Intramural Basketball (YES MY FAVORITE)
Excellent rec's</p>

<p>Just my opinion based on what I've read/seen on acceptance stats...
UNC - reach
USC - pretty good
Santa Clara - most likley in (i doubt they'd reject you)
Florida - match (?)
Michigan - depends if its Michigan State or U of Michigan...Michigan State is probably where you'd get in, but from what I know, U Michigan is very tough</p>

<p>good luck</p>