UNC, UVA, Dartmouth, NCSU

<p>White male
NC Resident
Rank 7/225
Unweighted GPA: 3.958
Weighted: 4.625</p>

<p>9th Grade
-English 1 Hnrs: A
-Comm Skills Hnrs: A
-Geometry Hnrs: A
-Earth/Env Hnrs: A
-ELPS Hnrs: A
-Conc Band1: A
-Conc Band 2: A
-Health/PE: A</p>

<p>10th Grade
-English 2 Hnrs: A
-Spanish 1: A
-Alg 2 Hnrs: A
-Phys Science: A
-Biology Hnrs: A
-World History Hnrs: A
-Art 1: A
-Beginning Theater: A</p>

<p>11th Grade
-English 3 Hnrs: A
-Spanish 2: A
-Chem Hnrs: A
-US History (I): B
-AP US History: A
-Community Service: A
-Psychology: A</p>

<p>12th Grade
-English 4 AP: A (probable)
-English APP: TBD
-Spanish 3: TBD
-APP Precalc: TBD
-Anat/ Ph Hnrs: A (very probable)
-AP European Hist: TBD
-Community Service: A (very probable)</p>

<p>SAT I:
V: 680
M: 650

<p>AP US History Score: 5</p>


<p>1) Tutor at Centro Latino Community Center; Co-founding member; 11-12; 4 hours/week.</p>

<p>2) American Field Service (AFS); member grades 9-12; executive council grades 10-12; 2 hours/week.</p>

<p>3) Beta Club Member; member; grades 9-12; 2 hours/week.</p>

<p>4) Student Council; member; grades 9-12; 2 hours/week.</p>

<p>5) Foreign Relations Committee; member; grade 10; 1 hour/week.</p>

<p>6) High School Pep Rally; led rally for entire school; grade 10; 1 hour/week.</p>

<p>7) Families and Schools Together (FAST); volunteer; grades 11-12; 1 hour/week.</p>

<p>8) Student News Program; anchor; grades 9-11; 1 hour/week.</p>

<p>9) Interact Service Club; member; grades 11-12; 2 hours/week.</p>

<p>10) Zaal Sansound Music Group; co-founding member; grade 12; 1 hour/week.</p>

<p>11) Young Democrats Club; member; grade 12; 1 hour/week.</p>

<p>12) Christmas Volunteer at Hospice; volunteer; grade 11; 2 hours/week.</p>

<p>13) Coordinator for Retiree Appreciation Ceremony; grade 11; 2 hours/week.</p>

<p>14) Tri-M; member; grade 10; 2 hours/week.</p>

<p>15) Freshman Band Representative; elected offier; grade 9; 2 hours/week.</p>

<p>16) Host for Foreign Exchange Student; grade 10; 168 hours/week.</p>

<p>17) Sophomore Student Body President; elected officer; grade 10; 3 hours/week.</p>

<p>18) Volunteer at Library; grade 11; 1 hour/week.</p>

1) Published photographer. Two aircraft photographs featured in the North American Airlines Handbook, a publication put out by popular Airways magazine. Further, an aircraft photograph was also published by a German travel company in its company calendar.</p>

<p>2) Featured photographer for airliners.net, the largest aircraft photo database.</p>

<p>3) Accrued over twenty hours in general aviation aircraft (with instructor).</p>

<p>4) Academic letterman (grades 9-12).</p>

<p>5) Junior Marshall (grade 11). Honor given to those juniors with the ten best GPAs in class.</p>

<p>6) Senior Superlative: named wittiest male in senior class.</p>

<p>7) Homecoming escort (grade 10 and 12).</p>

<p>8) Published several websites for school teachers.</p>


<p>I realize Dartmouth is a major stretch for me. UVA is a stretch too, but less of one than Dartmouth. UNC I believe I have an alright chance at--especially with my brother there. I'm also applying to North Carolina State (Safety) and I think I have a good chance there. I have not taken my SAT IIs--I will be doing that in December. I am also taking my November SAT Is. </p>


<p>you just listed (i forget who originally said this) a "laundry list" of activities... you need to decide what's important. you probably shouldn't list things that were temporary.. like leading a pep rally, etc.</p>

<p>I realize some of the activities I listed were not intensive 3 hours/day things. I just want to convey that I am active in a variety of things with different interests. I understand colleges like to see firm commitment to a few things rather than fleeting participation in several things (correct?), but at the same time I'd like to put out there all of the things I thought were important in my high school days.</p>