UNC v NC State

It is 12:19 - scratch that, 9:51, AM on May 1st and I officially have less than 24 hours to pick a college, so pleeeease help me.

I’m going for comp-sci but I intend to start out pre-med as well. If I decide I am head over heels in love with the med route I may change my major to something easier/more medically related, or vice versa with comp-sci.

My big things for UNC are it has a better comp-sci and pre-med program. 2 extremely important factors, I know. However, my draws at NC State are that it may be easier to get into UNC medical school if I’m not coming from UNC (is this true?) and I think the dorm setup at NC State is a lot better than UNC (I really want to live in the Engineering Village - does anyone know anything about that? How hard is that to get into?).

DONE JUDGE ME, but my other major draw to NC State is the gender split - 55/45 guys to girls, while UNC is closer to 60/40 girls to guys. I’m not saying this because I’m necessarily looking to date, I was just in an all-girl friend group in high school with my guy friends scattered across other friend groups, and the girls drove me crazy. I would really prefer to be in a nice, normal, co-ed friend group in college. Any advice?

Thanks for the help in advance - god knows I need it.

ps I’ve posted this under a different forum but it got no replies so I’m trying again.

Okay, my advice is going to be general in nature.

Pick the school that you feel has the strongest program for what you want. Also consider what each school offers in in your other areas of interest in case you switch majors which many students do. Look at each programs strengths and weaknesses. Look into difficulty of getting into required classes.

Consider cost and fit.

I would not pick a school because of dorms. UNC does have an honors dorm if you are part of the honors program. However UNC does not have an exclusive type of honors program which I believe NC State does. So that could be a factor to consider. As for the male/female ratio, you are talking a 5% difference. I would not even consider that a factor.

From what I understand, when you apply to Medical School you need to cast a wide net because it is so competitive. You can’t be fixated on one school. What people post is that it comes down to GPA, MCAT scores, internships and recommendations. So look at which school will best prepare you in these areas.