UNC waitlist class of '26

Hey guys, just wanted to start a thread for class of '26 waitlisted students at UNC Chapel-Hill. I am currently on the waitlist after applying early action. Feel free to share stats, information, or decisions!! Go heels!


My DS was waitlisted, OOS, regular decision, poli sci, 3.97. From what I’ve read, getting off the waitlist from OOS is nearly impossible :frowning:

We’re waitlist as well but in state. We are hoping for the best. Let us hear if you hear of any movement!

My nephew was waitlisted and I’m a 1991 graduate. Here to find out anything at all that could help him. Please share if anyone knows anything we can do. He is in state.

does anyone know when waitlist waves will start coming out

I uploaded a LOCI to my application portal and emailed the same LOCI to my admissions lady. I read some past forums saying LOCI’s were accepted and showed demonstrated interest so that may be a step you want to take if you haven’t already! I am also in state and a double legacy but I have not heard of any movement yet, hopefully soon :crossed_fingers: :crossed_fingers:

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I haven’t heard of any movement yet but hopefully soon!!

Waitlisted in state here too! Hope to hear something soon :crossed_fingers:

I assumed we wouldn’t hear for at least another month, isn’t the acceptance deadline May 1?

I emailed unc in march and they said maybe late April but most likely in May/June but idk for sure because it could’ve changed since then


Does anyone know… if an OOS waitlisted student is accepted, will they would be offered $0 because it’s so late? I’m assuming so, but thought I’d ask.

has anyone heard anything

We haven’t.

Thank you sillygeese14. I heard about the letters and am helping my nephew write one this weekend.

does anyone wanna email unc and ask them when they are predicting waitlist offers will come out

Not really. I have not heard anything here otherwise. If anyone hears anything, please post!

Any news on waitlisted decisions?

I have not heard of any movement. A family friend called in reference to their child and was told due to the high volume of applicants this year they would not be looking at waitlisted students until after May 1.


Thank you so much for that update!!!

Here’s what I was told by admissions:

After the May 1st deadline they will take some time to determine how many spots they will have for waitlisted students. That number changes every year. Let’s pretend it’s 225 this year.
Then admissions staff will basically start from scratch and review all waitlist applications. They will extend an offer of admission to 225 students. Those students then have a deadline to respond - I think they said 2 weeks.
Let’s say 150 accept.
Then they send out 75 more offers. Those kids have 2 weeks to accept.
Let’s say 40 kids accept. Etc, etc
It keeps going like that until they have filled all of their spots.

That’s why there is not a specific date for waitlisted students. It might take until the end of June but we will keep our fingers crossed! My DD is in-state and planning on criminal justice and communications/pre-law. Her older sister is there and it would be great to have them on campus together!