UNCC, UNCW, or Appalachian State

I have gotten into all three of these schools and I have no idea which one I would choose. I am still waiting to hear back from NC State and UNC, although I am not very confident I will get into either of them. I have toured UNCC and been to Appalachian’s campus plenty of times, and I am touring UNCW in a few weeks. I really liked UNCC’s campus but from what I have read, it sounds like it is the worst of the three academically. I do not really like the mountains so that kind of turns me off from Appalachian State. I have never been to Wilmington but I think that living by the beach would be cool, although they do lack a football team. Just looking for any feedback because I am clueless on which of these three I would choose.

@raiders11 , they really are three very different campuses/cities. Academically, I think you can receive a good education at any of the three. Academically, I would only lean toward one of the three if you had a specific major in mind that one of the three was significantly stronger in. For instance, if you wanted to major in Marine Biology, then definitely aim for UNCW.

Charlotte is the largest of the three and is in the largest city. There will be a lot of city attractions for students to get involved in in Charlotte. AppState is in the smallest city, and if you like outdoor activities, you’ll have plenty to do in Boone. There won’t be many urban-themed activities in Boone. Wilmington is in the middle and has nice mix of both city-living activities and outdoorsy activities.

If you like collegiate sports, ASU and UNCC definitely have more for you to be a fan of than UNCW. Football games are a big thing at ASU, and UNCC is nice enough. If you are a sports fan, Charlotte has the added bonus of having the NFL, NBA, and NASCAR.

Campus wise, ASU is beautiful, and UNCC is very nice and modern. UNCW is very drab (in my opinion and my son’s), but gets the job done – but again, it’s near the beach so that compensates for a lot. If you like the cold, skiing, and snow, give ASU a serious look.

If you’re looking for student diversity, you won’t find much at UNCW or UNCA. UNCC is very diverse. That metric is very important to some applicants, and very unimportant to others. Make sure you know what you want from a school in this area and choose accordingly.

Congratulations on the acceptances and good luck!

Thank you so much, this actually helps a lot. I am probably leaning a little towards Charlotte right now but won’t know for sure until I tour Wilmington.