UNCC vs App State vs UNCW vs UNCG


So, I’m interested in attending either of these four schools, with a slight bias toward UNC Charlotte. Just was curious to see which would be the best choice program-wise. as I have a strong preference in majoring in either Music or Social Work. Also would like to add I’m quite shy but willing to break out of my shell if that helps any.

Have you visited all four schools? They each have a very different feel, so that would be an important step for me. I don’t think you can go wrong with any of these schools.

UNCC is much larger than the other three. I know that UNCG has a strong music program, that is one that I have not visited but I know that it is popular choice at our HS for music majors. Wilmington also has a strong music program.

Maybe apply to all four, and then visit to narrow it down?

@timtammmtum , I’ve heard UNCG is more arts focused than the others. Not that the others are bad for the arts, but that UNCG has more to offer. You should definitely investigate all four schools more.

As @ITBgirl said, the four schools feel very different. And it seems different potential applicants prefer different schools. My niece is a senior or UNCG and loves it – she turned down offers from ASU and Charlotte to go to Greensboro. My son toured all four and liked Charlotte the best, and Wilmington the least. His classmate toured all four and likes AppState the best and Greensboro the least. You really should visit for yourself and get a good feel for them.

Personally, Wilmington has the least appealing campus but it’s at the beach so that’s a possible advantage. I liked that UNCG’s campus is near downtown within reach of everything. But I also liked the “away” feel of ASU. Both campuses are great, IMO. Charlotte is not close to downtown, but it’s in a great city and the campus is modern and very nice.

UNCG and Charlotte have healthy doses of diversity. UNCW and ASU are not diverse at all. Greensboro has some of the oldest buildings in the UNC system statewide. Charlotte looks like it was built yesterday. You can ski at ASU, or swim in the ocean at UNCW.

There’s no “wrong” choice – just a wrong-for-you choice.

Very well said @EconPop.

I also second your comments about diversity, I know that can be an issue for some people at UNCW, and some at App