<p>So I was a major screw-up my freshman year, and since then I've been a straight-a kid. I've managed to raise my GPA up to a 4.1 W and a 3.75 UW. Will colleges consider my dismal freshman year? I'm applying this upcoming year and I'm a bit uneasy, to say the least. Also, for those people who are familiar with the VA college scene I'm in a sort of dilemma. Should I go to VCU, with a fat scholarship, becaue it's easy and I have a high probability of being in the top ten, or should I got UVA or Georgetown (banking that I actually get in) and suffer through extremely impossible classes? I'm always up for a challenge and the prestige of UVA is just awesome. Any opinions?</p>

<p>Some colleges (Stanford for example) CLAIM they don't look at freshman grades. But honestly, I think colleges consider all of your grades. However, since they improved rather than declined I think that this will be viewed positively by the ad coms. And if you want to go to grad school, I would recommend challenging yourself as an undergrad (UVA or Georgetown) to make you a little more competitive when you apply to grad school.</p>

<p>So like let's say a Med school, would they look better at a 4.0 at VCU or like a 3.6-3.7 at UVA?</p>

<p>Well, they will also look at your MCATs and other factors, but grad schools are pretty sensitive to the rigor of the undergrad school you are coming from. So I'd say they would probably like to see that you challenged yourself at UVA even though you weren't a 4.0 student.</p>